I invite you to do some serious thinking with me and seek more light on a whole bunch of controversial subjects, issues, problems, or on any one of them that interests you.

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A. How to handle various social and economic problems?  
B. What could be done to make government work better?  
C. How to make market economies work better  
D. What is likely our future if present trends continue?  
E. What can be done to make a better world?  
F. What can we learn that could make us happier?  
G. Globalization  
H. National security and international war  
I. Terrorism  
J. Violence, large scale and small scale  
K. Philosophy and religion  
L. Books I recommend most highly  

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6/1/2007 Page L III 16 Christian Faith and Public Policy: No Grounds for Divorce - by Arthur Simon
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